50 plus bodybuilders

Are These Bodybuilders Really 50+???

Yahoo Shine recently did a feature on bodybuilders 50 years old and older.


Foods That Keep You Young!

Wondering what foods to eat, to stay young? Look no further! YAHOO SHINE has an article on the 10 Foods to Stay Young.  The 10 foods featured are as follows: … Continue Reading →


91 Year Old Man Smashes World Bench Press Record!

From Muscle & Fitness.com: Sy Perlis smashed his age-group’s world bench press record by over 50 pounds! Sy bench pressed a whopping 187.2 pounds!  As seen with other age defying … Continue Reading →

Dr. J

Dr. J Still Dunking!

Julius Winfield Erving II, better known as Dr. J, is a 1993 Basketball Hall of Fame inductee.  He was known for his aerobatics on the basketball court and is considered one … Continue Reading →


Meet Jim Morris, 77 year old bodybuilder

Jim Morris, age 77,  has been a bodybuilder for over 50 years. He became a vegetarian at age 50 and a vegan at age 65. He has won numerous contests … Continue Reading →

Ernestine Shepherd

Meet the World Record Oldest Female Body Builder!

Baltimore’s Ernestine Shepherd, now 76 years old, is the 2010 and 2011 Guinness World Records oldest competitive female bodybuilder. Shepherd didn’t start exercising until her and her exercise partner/sister Mildred were … Continue Reading →


Do you live in one of America’s fittest cities?

The American College of Sports Medicine has ranked the top 50 fittest cities in America. Did your city make the cut?  Are you surprised where your city stands?


Is a 48 year old boxer still competing and a champion with a major belt???

Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins (AKA B-Hop) at age 48 continues to defy age in a sport where boxers 15 years younger than him are questioned on whether or not father … Continue Reading →


Over 60 year old Grandpas in Bodybuilding competition???

Felton Campbell and Mike Huard will be the first to tell you YES. And for those of you who think you’re too old to start, Felton Campbell didn’t start training … Continue Reading →

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